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About Sertoma Oktoberfest

To gain a better understanding about what Sertoma Oktoberfest does it is important to understand the meaning behind the acronym “Sertoma.” The name “Sertoma” is an acronym, meaning “SERvice TO MAnkind.” Our heart behind all of the fun is supporting children locally. The proceeds of Sertoma have gone towards new roofing for the Boys & Girls Club facilities, construction of gymnasiums, purchasing computers, supplying cafeteria equipment and providing transportation services for the kids.
Our mission is to improve the lives of kids who have not been given the greatest opportunities to succeed and watching them learn and grow through community involvement organizations. This is why proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Springfield and other local charities.


Heart of the Ozarks Sertoma has the vision of making Springfield a greater place as well as increasing community involvement. Proceeds of events that HOTO Sertoma puts on go to various local charities. Some events that Heart of the Ozarks Sertoma organizes include, a Christmas to Remember, Bingo, The Different Sertoma Units, Baseball or Ice Hockey Outings, Cashew Craze, Wingapalooza, Chili Cook Off, Springfield Prom, and The Grin Iron Classic. To learn more about HOTO Sertoma check out hotosertoma.org