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Alpine Goodwill Games

Registration: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Total Time for Games: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Cost Per Team: $40
4 Person Coed Teams: 2 Men, 2 Women

Events include:

• Hammerschlagen
• The Barrel Roll
• The Keg Sled Pull
• The Keg Toss
The Tricycle Challenge
• T

Feed your competitive drive at Oktoberfest with games like Tug of War, Keg Toss and Barrel Roll . Enter your team today.
We will have hundreds of dollars in prizes from our sponsors and will be donating back to the top three teams to their selected charities. For more information about specific games see below.
The games included in this year’s Sertoma Oktoberfest event include, Hammerschlagen, The Barrel Roll, The Keg Sled Pull, The Keg Toss, The Tricycle Challenge, and Tug-O-War.

“Barrel Rolling”

Barrel Rolling is one of the oldest games that is a tradition of Oktoberfest. The game will be a test of agility and speed, to see which team can complete the Barrel Rolling Course the fastest. This will be a relay, so each member of the team has to roll the barrel part of the way on the course to the next member.
The rules are simple: push the barrel through the course, and the overall fastest team time wins. The top 8 teams will be awarded points toward the overall competition.

Fass Toss
“Keg Toss”

The Keg Toss challenge is a test of strength, to see how far each team member can toss the keg. How you toss it is up to you. However, you cannot cross the starting circle, and must stay within the marked boundary. Each member of the team must toss the keg, and the individual team member distances will be combined into an overall team score.
The top 8 teams with the longest distance will be awarded points toward the overall competition.

Ziehen Des Fasses
“Pulling of the Kegs”

This is a contest of strength, whereby teams will pull a sled 50 feet, with 5 (empty) beer kegs on it, by a rope. The only catch is that your heaviest teammate must also be on the keg sled when the other 3 pull them and the empty beer kegs on the sled. There will be a time limit of 5 minutes to complete this task.
The top 8 teams with the fastest times will be awarded points for the overall competition.

Dreirad Herausforderung
“Keg-Trike Challenge”

The “Dreirad Herausforderung” is a tricycle race, where a team of four (4) members must complete four laps around a predetermined course. Each team member must complete one lap. This is a combined time event, with the top 8 fastest teams being awarded points for overall competition.

Schlepper -o- Krieg

Tug-O-War is a classic competition that tests the strength of each team, literally. If you want to show the competition what you are made of, the Tug-O-War event is the time to do it. Teams for this years event are coed and will consist of 2 men and 2 women. The rules for Tug-O-War are simple, the team who can draw the flag from the center into your team’s zone will win.

“The Striking Hammer”

Hammerschlagen is one of the oldest games played at Oktoberfest in Germany. Each team will have a stake started in a tree stump and will take turns trying to drive the stake flush into the stump. Each team member will have their own hammer/mallet and may only use one hand. The other may either be behind their back or holding a beer. They may not touch the stake with the hammer prior to striking it. The fastest team to drive the stake down while alternating turns is the winner.

The Bear/Bair Cave

It’s a bar in the park atmosphere in The Bear/Bair Cave.  This tent is sponsored by the Missouri State Bears, Bair’s Sports Bars, Kinney’s Amusement, Vending, Billiards, and Games, and Mediacom.  You’ll find shuffleboard, pinball, arcade games, foosball, air hockey, ping pong, darts, and TV’s showing sporting events from around the nation.  Bair’s will be serving their food in The Cave and we’ll have ongoing Corn Hole Tournaments right outside the tent all day and night.  Have fun!